Saturday, January 20, 2007

So much for the afterglow

Well, fellow citezens, it has been a while, hasn't it?
So here is how it has all been going down;

Christmas was extremely low key this year. After the eventful year that we had, the family decided to just relax. No tree, no external decoration. No real effort in anything. We piled the presents on a chair and chilled out. And cooked and ate alot.

O yeah, in order for you to inderstand the rest, one little detail must be mentioned; I got into graduate school. That was perhaps my best Christmas present. Besides the iHome.

The following things have changed in my life now that I am a Knight again:

- I have no time for knitting
- I had to reduce my hours at job #2
- I brag about myself alot
- I truly am making a concious effort to stop procrastinating (goes into effect tomorrow)
- I have no energy for knitting
- I truly am making a concious effort to censor my opinions before the exit my mouth and sideswipe the professor (goes into effect Tuesday)
- I am on chat room websites less
- Suddenly, updating my blog is far more important, than , say homework (somethings never change)
- I have no money to go toward knitting
- TV is a true luxury.