Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Few Quick things

Not much to expand upon, except a few quick things:

- My iPod is broken, and had to be sent away. I should be getting it back soon. In the meantime, I am suffering from acute iPod withdraw. It is amazing (and alittle sad) in just a year how that thing has become another apendege. the worse will be when I have to buy an whole new one in a few years.

- The job is still amazing

- The Puppy is still cute. So much so that I don't think I will ever stop refering to her as Puppy, no matter how old she is.

- Despite the news about TR Knight, I cannot stop watching Grey's Anatomy. I still am over the moon about George, and I realize that that may not ever change.

- I am right now reading Eldest. I don't want to talk about it, cause I have this paranoid vision of Christopher Paolini stumbling across my blog one day and being deeply offended of anything negative I have to say about any of the trilogy. Not that I have anything negative to say about his books, that is.

- A very strange mood has come across me lately. The balence between pessimistic Gryffin and optimistic Gryffin have appeared to tip in optmistic Gryffin's favor. I am more cheerful lately, less broading, more optimistic, writing in my journals more, waking up refreshed, and not feeling so bitter about things. It'll pass, I am sure.

- I have Raven's present. Infact, I have 99% of my Christmas shopping completed.

- It is cold outside. Finally.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HOORAY me!!!

Well, I got a cold over the weekend, and decided to take Monday off. I finished the laundry, dusted a room (sans protective wear, but I figured I was on enough drugs that it really didn't matter), added the count down to this blog, and took lots of naps. Huh? What was that I said??? That's right, I said it. I added the count down to my blog. All by myself! This whole html thing is addictive.

You've heard of second sock syndrome? Well, I think I have first sock syndrome. I have about an inch left on the cuff before I start the heel. And I keep finding other things to do. Just two days ago, I thought to myself; "Self, this is an excellent time to learn how to trebble stitch in crochet." I agreed, and am now very close to finishing another sampler dishcloth thing. I think I will give it to Rachel for Chistmas.

Which leads me to another point; I think I may have become that which I loathe. One of those people who become obsessed with knitting something for the entire imediant family for Christmas. In the past, I have always knittied one or two items for a single family member. Suddenly, and seemingly without my knowledge, two projects have sprouted on my needles, and one on my crochet hook. I am not sure what to do!!!

BUT I am sure about Raven's gift for the exchange. About time, too.

WHAT?!?!?!?!? T. R. Knight is gay?!?!?!? My whole fantasty world has just come crashing down around me. I am going to be a sad, bitter lama for a few days.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well folks...

Just like the last post, I am just killing time till I head out. This time, it is waiting on Blu (who, though a Muggle, I am hypothisizing is a Hufflepuff) to call give me the 411 on 2days UCF homecoming activities. Now, I dont want all the haters out there 2 leave me comments. If you do, they wil be promptly deleted, and I shall sic Fluffy, Godric, AND Puppy on you. I have been such a bad lama in regards to posting, I know. Job has been draining, and it is all I can do sometimes to shower and go to bed. But, all the same, I heart it. I can't wait untill I fly solo on this, and own my own plane, metaphorically speaking, of course.

I am currently re-reading Harry Potter I, and annotating it with what I think is foreshadowing clues. I am planning on doing this to all 6 books. Out of boredom, that is why.

On the needles is my christmas knitting. Socks in a deep, dark blue merino.

My socks came out too big in the end. Is it because my feet are a mite smaller than the average women feet?

I now have an account with FictionAlley, hoping that one day, I actually write something that I can publish.

Um, that is it for now.

O! WAIT!!! before you go, check out the right side of the screen. That's right, those are new links that you see. I taught myself how to manipulate html. Allow me to repeat myself; I TAUGHT MYSELF!!! how to manipulate html. I didn't have to look it up, or buy a book about it, I did it all by myself. I am one proud lama. Up next, putting the HP movie countdown thingy here