Thursday, June 28, 2007

Aftermath, er, without the math?

This is the end my friend.

Not really, Last week was. So I finished summerschool and have moved back home. And then got really, really sick. Turns out, when you are not good to your body (even if it is during finals week) things have a tendancy to turn around and bite you in the gluts.

Lesson learned.

And speaking of lessons learned I am in online traffic school this week. Why? you ask. Because I got pulled over for speeding right as I was coming out of my last final. Oh yeah, I was still on campus. And the cost? you ask with baited breath I am sure. $105.59. For going 9 miles over the speed limit. It was greeeeeeeeeeeat. But hey, I ended the evening with an absolutely delicious omlet and Office Space, so it was not a total waste.

I have re-aquainted myself with my knitting. Not gently and gradually, as a certain Miss Violet suggested, but through myself into it (yarn) balls out. In two days, I had 50 rows completed on my wavy scarf. Pictures will be posted soon, because this is the summer I WILL learn how to do that. I also got really heavy into another washcloth (I am really liking washclothes, they may become my love) wich is my first reall lace pattern. I had some trouble with it at first, but not, as long as I do an entire repeat at a time, I am good. I am also working on the project-that-shall-not-be-named for a certain somebody.

As far as the crochet hat that refused to die? Well, may it rest in peace. After a thrid attempt, Pixie (the most experienced crocheter I know) told me to hang it up and use some lighter yarn next time. This is whyI am not really giving up, just putting it off until I find some nice, light yarn.

And last but Certainly not least. YEs, I know the top of the blog is a bit busy with both coutndowns. But, well, the bok one is too cool to pass up (run your mouse over it) and the combo one was boring

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Week 6/6, Feels like 666

So anyway, ya'll.
Today is the LAST DAY of summer school! My last final is tonight. The thing is, however, I have absolutely, positively, NO inspiration or (nor?) motivation to crap open another freaking book. I am done, spent, over it, finished, had it, ect, ect. I have an A in all assingments, but a C on the midterm. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

In my other class, the professor handed me back 3 assingmets last weekend becaseu they were borderline B/A grades, and he gave me a chance to redo them. This was nice on one hand, but a pain on the other. My last assingment to redo is due on Monday, and I may just have to take the 94. Not out of laziness, mind you. This has seriously been a case of anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It allstarted with the redo of assingment #2, which took 2 days and three computers to accomplish cause everything DID go wrong. Assignment #3 is not an improvemnt. Because it was a gynormous file (this huge, elaborate power point that I would use to teach a unit) I only saved the rough draft on my usb. Half of the final copy is saved on my parents computer (like I said, huge file). The final product is burned on a CD that my computer refuses to recognize beacuse it claims that the file is corrupt!!! I think my poor laptop is as burnt out as I am, and it just does not want to do another dad-gum assingment.

In other news, I paid rent and utilitize thgourh Saturday, so now I dont own my roommate a peny. It is a shame that she and I have only just now started hanging out, but that is just the way things have gone.

FYI - When making a salad, and you want to add a tasty flair by adding something less ho-hum then your average deli meat, do NOT add thick cut julieanned prosuito. It has a raw, chewy constitancy, and you (or, at least I did) feel like you are eating smoked earthworms.

Lesson learned

Miss Violet of LimenViolet podcast reads my blog, or, atleast she did once!!! SQUEEE!!!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

can't... freakin...Take ...IT...ANYMORE!!!!

OK peeps.

I am on the countdown until the end of the semester, (week 5 of 6) and I have done gone and cracked. Seven assignments are due this week. SEVEN ASSIGNEMENTS. I am working on # 7 right now. And I am so fed up with it all. I cannot stand it. The worse part is that I know that once I finish up with this one, I get to start on the three assingments due next week.


The good news is that rather than zoning out on video games, I am actually taking breaks and knitting. The new Knitty inspired this. I actually found sock patterns I would be willing to do. And, like I said above, I seriously feel like I cannot take it any longer. If I cannot stab some yarn, then an actual animated object may have to get harmed. I don't have anything or anyone in mind, really, just something that is close enough to grab without me having to participate in a whole lot of movement.

Even the fact that OoP is coming out in less then a month has failed to uplift me.

I want guy back, too. I am not sure if I can do this. But that is a rant for another day.

Monday, June 04, 2007


Holy cow my fellow citizens!

It has been too long
really, it really has been way to long
And that is all my fault.
So please excuse me while I go hang my head in shame, go to a corner, and cry softly.

5 minutes later...

What am I talking about?!?!?! If I don't have time to dish about my life, I certainly dont have any time to feel sorry for myself.

I really, really have no time.

Why? Beause I am insane. Well, that is what I have been hearing lately, and it sure seems like a great excuse. I am currently taking 6 masters credits (workload equivilent to 9-12 undergraduate credits) in as many weeks. typical week is that I have something due every day of the week. Two MAJOR projects dues this week. Finals two weeks from thursday. Then, 8 weeks of my partime job, a Morrisey concert, a few tests, Pottery goodness, and Raven.
So the updates will be quick, and with out detail.

Has come to a shrieking halt. I actually look forward to the dentist this week, becauseI know it will actually allow me time to re-introduce myself to me needles. I am near positive they forgot who I am, or that there is a world outside the bag.

Harry Potter
I would love nothing more than to tell you in 100 words or more how this Summer of Potter is promising to be the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!! but that is not getting my 6 page report on the observed behavioral patterns of teenagers now, is it?

The hat that I was going to learn how to do or else is in the frog pond. Again. Although, I do have to say, atleast is it round this time. Well, rounder than the last attempt.

I still manage to find a few precious nanoseconds a day to read. I am finally reading a Jane Austin book.

Last semster I recieved all A's, much to my shock, but not everybody elses. So far, I have two A's this semester

But my sanity is hanging on by a thread. As is my hard earned size 6 waist. And my spending money is locked in a jail cell in Tiajuana. Or at least, that is what it feels like.
O yeah. I also had and lost a really great guy. Yes, in the course of last semester. I know, I know.

See you in 3 weeks!