Monday, June 04, 2007


Holy cow my fellow citizens!

It has been too long
really, it really has been way to long
And that is all my fault.
So please excuse me while I go hang my head in shame, go to a corner, and cry softly.

5 minutes later...

What am I talking about?!?!?! If I don't have time to dish about my life, I certainly dont have any time to feel sorry for myself.

I really, really have no time.

Why? Beause I am insane. Well, that is what I have been hearing lately, and it sure seems like a great excuse. I am currently taking 6 masters credits (workload equivilent to 9-12 undergraduate credits) in as many weeks. typical week is that I have something due every day of the week. Two MAJOR projects dues this week. Finals two weeks from thursday. Then, 8 weeks of my partime job, a Morrisey concert, a few tests, Pottery goodness, and Raven.
So the updates will be quick, and with out detail.

Has come to a shrieking halt. I actually look forward to the dentist this week, becauseI know it will actually allow me time to re-introduce myself to me needles. I am near positive they forgot who I am, or that there is a world outside the bag.

Harry Potter
I would love nothing more than to tell you in 100 words or more how this Summer of Potter is promising to be the BEST SUMMER EVER!!!!! but that is not getting my 6 page report on the observed behavioral patterns of teenagers now, is it?

The hat that I was going to learn how to do or else is in the frog pond. Again. Although, I do have to say, atleast is it round this time. Well, rounder than the last attempt.

I still manage to find a few precious nanoseconds a day to read. I am finally reading a Jane Austin book.

Last semster I recieved all A's, much to my shock, but not everybody elses. So far, I have two A's this semester

But my sanity is hanging on by a thread. As is my hard earned size 6 waist. And my spending money is locked in a jail cell in Tiajuana. Or at least, that is what it feels like.
O yeah. I also had and lost a really great guy. Yes, in the course of last semester. I know, I know.

See you in 3 weeks!

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Lumie said...

First what Jane Austen? Second we will totally get you reaquainted to your needles.
For myself, time to knit came in my second year of grad school. I talk to you semi regularly and I didn't completely know about finding and losing a guy.
Talk to you soon.