Friday, December 22, 2006


I had this really long, beautiful post about life and knitting. I spent nearly 3 hours on it. It just got erased.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I am so ashamed....

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Northeast

Judging by how you talk you are probably from north Jersey, New York City, Connecticut or Rhode Island. Chances are, if you are from New York City (and not those other places) people would probably be able to tell if they actually heard you speak.

The Inland North
The Midland
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
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My confederate ancestors are rolling in their graves right about now.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

A Few Quick things

Not much to expand upon, except a few quick things:

- My iPod is broken, and had to be sent away. I should be getting it back soon. In the meantime, I am suffering from acute iPod withdraw. It is amazing (and alittle sad) in just a year how that thing has become another apendege. the worse will be when I have to buy an whole new one in a few years.

- The job is still amazing

- The Puppy is still cute. So much so that I don't think I will ever stop refering to her as Puppy, no matter how old she is.

- Despite the news about TR Knight, I cannot stop watching Grey's Anatomy. I still am over the moon about George, and I realize that that may not ever change.

- I am right now reading Eldest. I don't want to talk about it, cause I have this paranoid vision of Christopher Paolini stumbling across my blog one day and being deeply offended of anything negative I have to say about any of the trilogy. Not that I have anything negative to say about his books, that is.

- A very strange mood has come across me lately. The balence between pessimistic Gryffin and optimistic Gryffin have appeared to tip in optmistic Gryffin's favor. I am more cheerful lately, less broading, more optimistic, writing in my journals more, waking up refreshed, and not feeling so bitter about things. It'll pass, I am sure.

- I have Raven's present. Infact, I have 99% of my Christmas shopping completed.

- It is cold outside. Finally.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HOORAY me!!!

Well, I got a cold over the weekend, and decided to take Monday off. I finished the laundry, dusted a room (sans protective wear, but I figured I was on enough drugs that it really didn't matter), added the count down to this blog, and took lots of naps. Huh? What was that I said??? That's right, I said it. I added the count down to my blog. All by myself! This whole html thing is addictive.

You've heard of second sock syndrome? Well, I think I have first sock syndrome. I have about an inch left on the cuff before I start the heel. And I keep finding other things to do. Just two days ago, I thought to myself; "Self, this is an excellent time to learn how to trebble stitch in crochet." I agreed, and am now very close to finishing another sampler dishcloth thing. I think I will give it to Rachel for Chistmas.

Which leads me to another point; I think I may have become that which I loathe. One of those people who become obsessed with knitting something for the entire imediant family for Christmas. In the past, I have always knittied one or two items for a single family member. Suddenly, and seemingly without my knowledge, two projects have sprouted on my needles, and one on my crochet hook. I am not sure what to do!!!

BUT I am sure about Raven's gift for the exchange. About time, too.

WHAT?!?!?!?!? T. R. Knight is gay?!?!?!? My whole fantasty world has just come crashing down around me. I am going to be a sad, bitter lama for a few days.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Well folks...

Just like the last post, I am just killing time till I head out. This time, it is waiting on Blu (who, though a Muggle, I am hypothisizing is a Hufflepuff) to call give me the 411 on 2days UCF homecoming activities. Now, I dont want all the haters out there 2 leave me comments. If you do, they wil be promptly deleted, and I shall sic Fluffy, Godric, AND Puppy on you. I have been such a bad lama in regards to posting, I know. Job has been draining, and it is all I can do sometimes to shower and go to bed. But, all the same, I heart it. I can't wait untill I fly solo on this, and own my own plane, metaphorically speaking, of course.

I am currently re-reading Harry Potter I, and annotating it with what I think is foreshadowing clues. I am planning on doing this to all 6 books. Out of boredom, that is why.

On the needles is my christmas knitting. Socks in a deep, dark blue merino.

My socks came out too big in the end. Is it because my feet are a mite smaller than the average women feet?

I now have an account with FictionAlley, hoping that one day, I actually write something that I can publish.

Um, that is it for now.

O! WAIT!!! before you go, check out the right side of the screen. That's right, those are new links that you see. I taught myself how to manipulate html. Allow me to repeat myself; I TAUGHT MYSELF!!! how to manipulate html. I didn't have to look it up, or buy a book about it, I did it all by myself. I am one proud lama. Up next, putting the HP movie countdown thingy here

Friday, October 06, 2006

Knitty + Greek = Friday


As I pass the final minutes before I head over to cash my latest paycheck (The best perk of being employed) and Greek Fest 2006 >SQUEEEEE<, I decided to post my thoughts about the Fall issue of Knitty


Not to sure about the color of the edging, nor the way the body is shapped, but the sleves are gorgeous and amazing. Maybe, if I ever get good enough down the line, Ill design a sweater with a body that I like, but with those sleeves

eh, its ok. Probably never knit/wear it.

Cactus Flower
This is more MY style; loose, yet flattering. I love everything about it, but perhaps a darker red for the whole thing. And have the collar and the sweater all the same color

I just don't like sweaters with that type of closure. Period. End of story

This is an absolutely gorgeous cardigan. I think it is the answer to my "perfect work cardi" search. I would have to alter the closure, all those little hooks would drive me batty after a while

I like this one, too. My only concern is that the yarn is too dark to show off the pattern.

This is a very cute sweater. It reminds me of something out of Eragon

Intolerable Cruelty
The corset detailing on the back is not my style, neither are the colors (pink = bleeck)

Little Slip of a Thing
I could see myself doing that, but in different colors. Maybe a Gryffindor or UCF color scheme.

Lizard Ridge
This is a gorgeous blanket, but looks wicked hard. Plus, I would never, EVER use Kureyon.

Red Herring
I love this pattern, but I would use contrasting, or even HP house colors for it.

ooooooooooooooooooooo, this is pretty. Myabe I found the socks that Raven's yarn is destine to be???

Sox on 2 stix
This is a brilliant pattern, and one that I would like to try one day.

This is a decent and cute pattern. Being that both my sister's and my mom's feet are large, I could see myself using this pattern for them. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, these are toe-ups. Maybe not then.

I like this pattern, since colorwork gives me the heebee-geebees. The choice of color would HAVE to change. Ooooooooooo, green back round, blue flower with yellow center.

Sugar on Snow
eh, its ok. I guess u have to be somewhere where it snows to appreciate it.

eh >shrugs<

Twiggy Tweed
I like it, just not in those colors

Back to School
These are the beez kneez. They are the cutest!

Peace out and OPA!!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

My week, checking in with Satan, and other things on my mind

Greeting citezens!

Wow, what a week it has been! I finished my FIRST EVER long term substituting position. It could have been the 5 days from Hell, but it was by far the greatest experince so far in this wierd path called my teaching career. Even some of the worse behaved classes were gems, even though they were in 8th grade and STILL grasping the concept of raising the hand before speaking.

And talent? HOLY COW the talent at this school! I know I was working in a magnet school, but I was expecting something like the movie Fame, with kids in leotards and black clothes quoting poetry and pirouetting down the hall. There was nothing that extreme, but I did meet a budding poet, Jack-of-all-arts, a musician, and several people who felt just lucky enough to be at a school that offers a dozen different types of drama class.

On the knitting front, I have casted on for the second sock, and am nearly finished with the cuff. Because of my ever vigiliant eye on the sunday paper, I procured cupons from oth Joann's and Michael's, and was able to get Clover size 7 dpns (no more sore hands!!!) and Clover size 13 straights at 40% off. Which reminds me; how does one go about felting a gauge swatch???

On the book front, I put down SPM's The Secret Life of a Knitter (b-day present curtesy of Raven) to pick up a historical fiction book that was lying around the room that I was at all week. It got me instantly hooked, and I read it during plan and lunch, and would bite my nails at night wondering what happened. So I highly recommend Fever 1793. It is about the yellow fever epidimic in Philidelphia in 1793 as told by a 14 year old girl. A bit on the dark and morbid side, but an o so riveting read.

Greek Fest is next weekend. So is a 50% sale at all Joann's. O, the delimmas we get ourselves into.

I have a week off due to Fall Break.

Speaking of Raven, she may think of me as a goddess among women for the b-day present I gave her, but to me, she is the greatest friend who knits EVER. Not just cause of the book (who knew that I would enjoy something by the Yarn Harlot???), but of the yarn that also came in our yearly "Knitting themed birthday present exchange." Although the yarn is so nice that I want to get really good at socks before I use it, I take it out of the stach drawer and cuddle its soft, warm, brightly colored goodness. Yes Raven, I too am a yarn molester.

And speaking of yarn, I was crusing the Socks That Rock website, when but what should to my wondering appear? O yes, I saw Gryffindor colored sock yarn, under the heading Fred Flitstone. Just thought everyone should know.

Satan is now having his personal seamstress sew a warmer lining to his cloak. How do I know this? My sister and mom are eating sushi.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Evidence that Hell is Freezing over


The Steve Irwin, the amazing Crocodile Hunter just passed on. Not by being decapated by a large reptile, or even by being nibbled on by a poisonous whatever. He died in a freak accident that involved a very non-aggressive fish, one that I have petted and fed for $5 at Seaworld a dozen times.

Duane "The Dog" Chapman, the lead in the AE reality show "Dog; the Bounty Hunter" is under arrest for jumping bail and missing a court date.

My dad wants to go to the football game with me on Saturday

Raven called her mother a witch.

I have recently gotten really, really drunk

Somewhere, in the inner bowels of Hell, Satan is turning to one of his minions and saying, "Is it me, or is it a bit chilly in here?"

Laborday pix comming soon, I promise!!!!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The objective

I guess I should tell you just why the heck I am doing this, and what I hope to accomplish. This could possibly change as time goes on, but we will see about that.
When Raven** and Sly graduated (and Raven moving to California without ANYONE'S permission), the first few monthes were filled with really long emails and a whole lot of overages on the cell phone bills. Then, I came up with the idea to start a livejournal community where Raven, Sly, Huffster, Magnus and I could write about what is going on, and the others could read at our leisure. It was made private so we would not have to worry about boyfriends, coworkers, parents, or whoever we wanted to bitch about (as girlfriends often do) would not read it. It worked beautifully, and we were able to keep up with each other for years.
I did not think about going public with a blog until I came accross a teeny, tiny, little known podcast called Cast-On. It was through this that I learned about knitting blogs. Then came the glorious day when, through Cast-On, I first heard Franklin Habit of the Panopticon blog. I have been a fan ever since, and shall provide a link as soon as I can figure out how. While Brenda Dayne's comment has always been, "Damn, I wish I had written that," in regards to Franklin's postings, mine has always been, "I could do this, too." Then, I discovered the knitting blog, and soon, all the knitters in NYGK had one. Then, our little club itself had one. It sinched it for me when Raven began her own knittng/literary blog.
That is the how of the how and why I am doing this, I shall devulge why later.
*Names have been altered to protect the somewhat innocent

Thursday, August 31, 2006

First Post

Greetings to all my fellow citizens in cyberspace! I shall get more into the objective of this blog alittle later, just know that it, like me will be intersting...
Until Then