Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HOORAY me!!!

Well, I got a cold over the weekend, and decided to take Monday off. I finished the laundry, dusted a room (sans protective wear, but I figured I was on enough drugs that it really didn't matter), added the count down to this blog, and took lots of naps. Huh? What was that I said??? That's right, I said it. I added the count down to my blog. All by myself! This whole html thing is addictive.

You've heard of second sock syndrome? Well, I think I have first sock syndrome. I have about an inch left on the cuff before I start the heel. And I keep finding other things to do. Just two days ago, I thought to myself; "Self, this is an excellent time to learn how to trebble stitch in crochet." I agreed, and am now very close to finishing another sampler dishcloth thing. I think I will give it to Rachel for Chistmas.

Which leads me to another point; I think I may have become that which I loathe. One of those people who become obsessed with knitting something for the entire imediant family for Christmas. In the past, I have always knittied one or two items for a single family member. Suddenly, and seemingly without my knowledge, two projects have sprouted on my needles, and one on my crochet hook. I am not sure what to do!!!

BUT I am sure about Raven's gift for the exchange. About time, too.

WHAT?!?!?!?!? T. R. Knight is gay?!?!?!? My whole fantasty world has just come crashing down around me. I am going to be a sad, bitter lama for a few days.

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Lumie said...

The count down looks great. I had a different reaction to when Neil Patrick Harris came out, "What you mean he wasn't already public?"