Thursday, September 14, 2006

Evidence that Hell is Freezing over


The Steve Irwin, the amazing Crocodile Hunter just passed on. Not by being decapated by a large reptile, or even by being nibbled on by a poisonous whatever. He died in a freak accident that involved a very non-aggressive fish, one that I have petted and fed for $5 at Seaworld a dozen times.

Duane "The Dog" Chapman, the lead in the AE reality show "Dog; the Bounty Hunter" is under arrest for jumping bail and missing a court date.

My dad wants to go to the football game with me on Saturday

Raven called her mother a witch.

I have recently gotten really, really drunk

Somewhere, in the inner bowels of Hell, Satan is turning to one of his minions and saying, "Is it me, or is it a bit chilly in here?"

Laborday pix comming soon, I promise!!!!


Lumie said...

No, Raven called her mother something that rymes with witch. Her mother has shown growth as a person by apologizing for hurting Raven's feelings. I'm still in shock by Steve Irwin's death. Oh by the way, you are a goddess amoung women.

Lumie said...
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Lumie said...

Carmen where are the photos you have promised me with for weeks. Update your blog, and am I the only one who reads this?