Thursday, December 13, 2007

So, yeah.......

SO I have been a bad blogger, and I really dont deserve any cookies.
So much has happened that I am going to have to relay it in spirts.

First of all some CONGRATULATIONS are in order:

- To Mr. Franklin Habit. He got a book deal from Interweave Knits. Expect it to come out Fall of 08. Also expect me to be there when the local bookstore opens so I can snatch up a copy.

- To the fearless leader of one of the local knitting group that I belong to. As of a mere 20 minutes ago, she announced her engagement! Hop on over to her blog to wish her the very best.

- To Ms. Brenda Dayne. Her son got married last month. She made the adorable dress the bride is wearing.

- To J.K. Rowling. She made the top ten facinating person thingy that Barbara Walters did last week. Not only did she make #1, but she beat out Hugo Chavez, thus preventing me from having to throw things at the TV. Ahem.

- To Miss Lime from the Lime and Violet podcast and to my dear friend Veganclaw. They both have made it through that painful rite of passage known as the first semster of graduate school. Both, as far as I know, are unscathed from the experience, but I will keep you posted should facts arise that point to the contrary.

Part two, what I am knitting/reading shall be next.

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