Wednesday, March 09, 2011

More ranting

So I am trying my hand at something literary. No stories, no action. Just a girl, her computer, and her pain. So, there is not too much to it. I already have 500 words or so, so it is turning out to be something. I am only going to give it about 600 more before I finish it. My goal is to finish it before Spring Break.
Enough of that for now. What I would really like to bring your attention to is something I saw on 60 Minutes over the weekend. At first, I could not believe what my eyes and ears told me. 60 Minutes, a national news program, was doing a piece on the increase of homeless children. The part of our nation that they chose to highlight was Seminole County, Florida, where I have lived since I was 18 months old. This, along with the neighboring counties of Orange and Osceola, are becoming the fastest-growing in the nation in relation to this burgeoning demographic.
I’ll be the first to admit that I cried when I saw the looks on these children’s faces. My heart broke even further when I recognized some of the faces as children I have encountered. Once my heart broke, it was not pain, or even sympathy that oozed out like a yolk. It was anger and frustration. Anger because I had heard previously that the school board was cutting programs that were designed to help these children. Angry that, even though I am a part time nobody, I was not made aware that things were getting this dire. I was frustrated. I was frustrated that this was happening to my hometown. MY hometown. And as of right now, there is absolutely nothing I can do. I have just enough income to take care of my own expenses.

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