Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random moment of fangirlish inmaturity

I know that not alot of other blogs post their Quizilla results. Heck, I am sure most bloggers are way too mature and cool to even go to Quizilla.

But, I have a paper due in 19 hours, and this one was tooooo cute to pass up, so enjoy!

What do the HP characters think of you? (No obvious questions) No Boys Allowed!!

You are the shy girl. Known for being quiet-or not known- you also have great potential...and is extremely smart!! You're in Ravenclaw and you're muggle born.GRYFFINDORHarry Potter: She's quiet...but cute.Ron Weasley: *secretly thinks the same as Harry*Seamus Finnigan: Who?Dean Thomas: I've seen her studying before.Neville Longbottom: I haven't gotten the courage up to ask her out yet...Hermione Granger: She almost beat me in Charms!Lavender Brown: She's sharp!Padma Patil: Who?Parvati Patil: Same as PadmaOliver Wood: I've seen her studying with her boyfriend...Fred Weasley: Would be fun to pull pranks on if she didn't tell on us all the time!George Weasley: same as FredLee Jordan: Don't know her...Percy Weasley: I bet she'll be a prefect.Ginny Weasley: One of my good friends.SLYTHERINDraco Malfoy: Filthy mudblood...Blaise Zabini: *too obsessed with his popular girlfriend to notice you!*Crabbe and Goyle: Huh?? *scratch their heads stupidly.)Marcus Flint: Who?Pugsy Parkinson: Loser!!RAVENCLAWLuna Lovegood: She's my BFF!!Cho Chang: Pretty good fashion sense...Cedric Diggory: pretty cute...HUFFLEPUFFJustin Finch-Fletchley: I love her...she's my girlfriend...Hannah Abbott: I think Justin is going out with her.Susan Bones: Why is she so smart?OTHER:Albus Dumbledore: Sharp as a pin!Severus Snape: Okay, maybe she's DECENT in potions...but she's a filthy mudblood!Minerva McGonagall: great mind!Sprout: same as McgonagallRubeus Hagrid: Great with animals!Sibyll Trelawney: She might have the inner eye!!Gilderoy Lockhart: *recovering from memory loss*Hooch: Who?Filch and Mrs Norris: *too busy cleaning up after the quidditch players.*Dolores Umbridge: Never knew her.Bellatrix Black: Who?Narcissa Malfoy: same as BellatrixVoldemort: MUDBLOOD!!! MWAHAHA!!! (I chose that moment to leave...)
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Diane said...

Hello Gryffin, I just saw your question about adding a badge to you page from cast on. I could walk you thru, if still needed. Just let me know.

Gryffin said...

yes, but who are you?