Thursday, September 13, 2007


So I am testing out the pix on the right, let me know what you think of the current one. The one I tried to post got all distorted and wierd and I could not get it to work. Some help in this arena would be gresatly appreciated.

On this day off, I am about to take the puppy to the park.

I want to knit, but I owe the puppy one.

And, so, yeah. I hit my head on the crazy and ordered His Dark Materials Book I from the local liberary. It is breaking one of my rules; Never, ever get liberary books while the semster is going on. But, in my defense, the amount of obsessing I have been doing about just where the heck the plot is going, I might as well just get it , read it over a weekend, and be done with it.


I am also lost for motivation to finish the dad-gum Andrea's Wish. I am on the last 2 inches, and just dont wanna finish. Blech!

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