Sunday, September 09, 2007


So, it has been a lazy weekend, and now it is Sunday and I still have to magically clean my room

Homework is done

Knitting is at a minimal

And I dont know what to cook for dinner Thursday night, the night I have to brownbag.

Almost finished with Andrea's Birthday wish.

I want to go to Canada, and Europe. And Thailand. I think I have been watching to much Travel Channel on my days off.

O! While working in a language arts class last week, I picked up His Dark Materials; The Golden Compass to read during break (what? did you really think that I was going to do homework?). Now, not only am I wondering where that book has been all my life, I want it for Christmas.

Like a newly wed couple, I find that I love Pride and Prejudice more than the last time I opened it everytime I open it.

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