Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Return of the Gryffin...

So, yeah. I know it has been 8 monthes since the last posting. If there is ANYONE who has been waiting with baited breath for my return, let me just say, I am back. Well, atleast I am back for now.

In the past year, I finally got my dream job, a teacher. As much as I love it and don't regret, it was tough. Everyone always says that the first year is tough, but they are never very thourgh beyond that. My first year wasn't SAT tough, eating something you dont like infront of the person who cooked it to prevent rudeness tough, or even grad school tough. This was Survivor tough - if the location of Survivor was the 9th ring of hell, and the challenge was you are expected to claw your way out onto actual land without dirtying up your clothes or messing up your manicure.

But somehow, like countless first year teachers before and after me, I survived. I had a great support system; My tough, loving, take-charge mother, my supportive, loving dad, and my super, fantastic Boyrfriend. I had to give up somethings this year, like the blog, and my waistline, but I am here now infront of you. and I am back.

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