Sunday, September 06, 2009

See? I told you I was back!

Well fellow citezens, I survived the first few weeks back at work. The routine of the daily grind has me stumbling back into reality. Atleast my students feel the same.

Speaking of my students, let me brag to say I have a FANTASTIC homeroom. They are sweet and funny. Their creative energy and exuberence can be daunting, but for the most part, I gladly rise to the challenge.

Well, the last time we chatted, I was deep in the fandom of Twilight well, that is not the case anymore.I know I have said it 100 times before, but I have now found my poast-Harry Potter obsession. Steampunk. Looking back, I had been into it for a while, having read 2/3 of His Dark Materials and 12/13 of A Series of Unfortunate Events. This is a train I can get on. Or maube just a phase. Let's find out.

As you can se, I am still reading Jane Eyre. I am going to finish this book if it kills me.

Unitl next week

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