Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moz, knitting, and other such things

Last Sunday I went with Miss to see Morrissey. If you don't know who that is, don't ask me. Just go to iTunes or Yahoo!Music. Just don't ask me who he is. (insert eye roll and exasperated sigh here)

But anyways, I digress. The concert was amazing. This was my first real rock concert, but my third if you count The Backstreet Boys in '96 (I don't cause it was free and, well The Backstreet Boys is as far from rock as here to Maine) and Tori Amos in '03 (sort of counts, but there was no pit, and as much as I heart Tori, her's is not exactly "rock" either). Its not that I dont like to go to concerts, it is just a very rare occasion that the stars align and I have the money and the time to go to a concert. Back in Feburay when I bought tickets, Miss informed me that pit tickets were the only option since "Only losers sit in the balcony." So I went around noon to her place, where we began to get ready. While she helped me with my eye-makeup, I introduced her to Mr. Amazing, my hair straightening iron. Although she admitted that it was truly a miraculous piece of engineering, its massive base was too wide for her short-cropped hair. We played dress up, and then headed out. In route, and during the massive traffic backups around the toll boothes, we amused ourselves with her iPod, and created our own playlists with titles that ranged from silly to, um, unladylike topics.

The opening act was a girl who was one part Meg White, one part Bjork, one part Tori, with a very light sprinkling of Karen O (The Yeah Yeah Yeahs). She was ok, but not much to blog about. After her set and a very wierd video montage, Moz appeared. Miss and I rocked out together until Groping Pink-Shirted Spaz came through, and he irrated me enough that I left to the back to get some fresh air. When I went back into the pit, I enjoyed myself until the closing song. Then I enjoyed myself tenfold. Moz chose to close the concert with "How Soon is Now?" my favorite song. I know he did not do that for me, but it is sure fun to imagine he did.

I was never a huge Morrissey/Smiths fan, but now I am using my iTunes allowance to buy all his songs. It is the least I could do. After all, he sang my favorite song as a closer.

On the knitting front, I am getting really sick of the wavy scarf.

And the sock. Well, when I began, the ribbed cuff had this beautiful spiralling pattern going on. However, once I got to the actual Jaywalker pattern, the colors became "muddy." So I frogged it and am using SPM's "sock recipe" from Knitting Rules.

Any advice or encourangement on this front would be greatly encouraged.

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