Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So it goes alittle something like this

I have been avoiding using that title for quite some time. Mainly because I knew I would only be able to use it once. The pastor at the church I attend begins every single sermon/homily like this, and it never fails to make me smile. But then again, I have a great respect and love for the man. He is, after all, the reason I began attending church once again.

So here I am, on what could very well be the rainiest July Fourth in recent memory (I am sure that there have been rainier ones, I just do not recall). I went to the local conglamo bookseller to pick up my prep book for the FTCE GK* test that I am taking towards the end of summer. The good news is, there is nothing that I do not at least vaguely recall about the math portion. Which means that the rumor that there is triganometry and calculous is nothing more than a rumor. Which means that my weakest area could potentially be the timed essay writing. In case you have not noticed, I have a tendancy to ramble on, and on, and ON, and can talk just about anything to death. Whcih reminds me, if the question is "Where is one place you would like to visit and why?" is Hogwarts an acceptable answer?

My wonderful sister has made another inspirational creation; Key Lime pie. It was (as per her pastry talents) beyond perfection. The crust was crumbly and brown ad nutty and buttery. The lime part was sweet and tart and devine. The merangue was beyond words. She may get on my last nerve somtimes, and we may not always agree on everything, but as long as she continues to create the bakery items she does (from scratch mind you - the thought of instant mixes makes her gag) she will be the best sister in the world, and I will always be very lucky to have her.

No matter where you are, or your feelings and setiments, have a great Fourth of July.

*For those of you who are lost in the abbreviations, the FTCE. stands for the Florida Teaching Certification Examination. There are three parts of the exam; The Professional, Subject Area and the General Knowledge, which is commonl known as the GK or Gen Knowledge. You cannot get a teaching job if you do not pass these. Some may hire you, but then you have a very limited time period that you have to get them passed, or else you get fired. They are also exist requirements if you are earning a degree in a school of education.

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