Thursday, August 09, 2007

Back to reality

So after a 1.5 hour trip to Salt Lake City, followed by a 4.75 hour trip to Orlando, I am safe and in one piece.

Now I get to deal with reality.


Thanks again to Raven and co. for all they did while I was taking up space as a mucousy, drippy, oozy mass.* Even at my worse, they never stopped being their best. L and D were kind while they got me to ride rides I would have ordinarily passed on at Disneyland, and were patient and tollerant as I squeed my way through Its a Small World and Pirates of the Carribean, and indulged my History geekness by telling me all sorts of tidbits throughout. N and T never showed me anything but pure, unselfless kindness as I hacked and coughed my way through Venice Beach. N even paid for my last meal.

And then there was Raven. Words can not begin to explain the gratitude I have for her friendship anyways, and this trip magnifies that. The debate shall shall continue to wage on for centuries here after among the factions about how to be a good Christian. Whatever your personal take is, mine shall ever be to lead by example. This, in a nutshell, is Raven, whom I feel very fortunate to be counted as among her friends. At least, I think I am.

Now excuse me while I go unpack, pay bills, and drop classes.

*For those of you not in the know, I got really, really, REALLY sick, and reamained so for 6 of the 8 days I was there. I am talking the whole nine yards; coughing, sneezing, bodyaches, tired, lack of appetite, and crabby/wussy attitude.

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Lumie said...

I'm just glad you had a good time. I was worried you might not because you were so ill.