Tuesday, August 28, 2007


So, friends, the summer has come to a close. I will once again return to being a bad blogger (no cookie) and blog when I can.
Just so you know:

- I have finished the Never-Ending Wavy Gryffindor Scarf of doomy-doom.
- I am working on Andrea's Birthday Wish. I can be a bit more open about this than other gift projects (ie: Miss's Memoriam, A certain loved one's gift) because not only do I highly doubt Andrea reads the blog, she requested it. I am STILL working on her red Ipod cozy that I have been working on on and off for the past year or so. But, I have put my foot down. No more hesitation, no more frogging to see if a different cable looks cooler. It may be a free-form cable, but enough is enough. The poor woman asked for this centuries ago, and I WILL give it to her for her birtday this year. I am already half way done (after only two houre and three rows of frogging) and I coulkd have it done next week. Just no more frogging. what is done, will be done.
- I have put the sock on hold to finish Andrea's gift, and possibly to do a simple hat for my ex-roomie's daughter.
- Still reading Pride and Prejudice. The more I read, the more I like.
- My birthday last week was craptacular. I kinda figured it would be, though. Since it always is the first few weeks of school, it gets swept under the rug easily. I have learned to not mind this so much. This is why I went to California three weeks in advanced and celebrated it that way. There were a few things that I got out of it well. Mom and I split a fantastic brownie the night of, and last Friday, Miss and I had a pizza and Shakespeare night. Which, to be note, if you are wiped out after your first week of school (or, in our case, work, since we both work for the school system, our first week back at work), no matter what your level of fanness, it is not a good idea to watch Shakespeare. Your tired brain just cannot do it.
- Classes seem doable. They always are. And Neilgirl is in them. It is always good to have a fellow knitter in class, as well.

See you on the flip!

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